Fairy Loot Unboxing March 2017

Fairy Loot Unboxing March 2017

This time last year, Fairy Loot‘s first ever box was sent out. How crazy is that? I remember hearing all of the hype for the March 2016 box. Everyone was saying how amazing it was and it was a box that ‘you just HAVE to get’. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it at the time. But now… This is my fourth box off Fairy Loot and I am so glad that I subscribed! Better late than never right?

Anyway, let’s get into the unboxing. This month’s theme was ‘Myths and Monsters’

So we start off with the gorgeous purple box! It was purple this month to celebrate the year anniversary of Fairy Loot and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I also love the Fairy Loot artwork card that tells you everything that’s in the box! (But I never read that because I love the surprise!







This amazing ‘Nephilim’ candle is from Geeky Clean and it smells just… ughh… it smells like heaven. Literally. It’s just divine.

Geeky Clean on Instagram 

Geeky Clean website



These adorable unicorns and rainbow fairy lights were created by Mustard. I can’t wait to put some batteries and hang them around one of my bookshelves! They’re going to look so cute!

RRP: £11.95

Mustard website

Buy the Unicorn and Rainbows fairy lights

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It’s a mermaid! And a mirror! All in one! And it’s absolutely gorgeous. I don’t normally carry a mirror around with me because I don’t have one. But now I do, so it’s all good. I don’t actually have to reapply my makeup whilst using the camera on my phone now… This compact mirror was made by Book Otter.

Book Otter Art on Instagram

Book Otter Bookstagram on Instagram

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Book Otter on Twitter



I’ve never tried the magnetic bookmarks before. I don’t really use bookmarks; I always use Goodreads to mark where I am. But these dragon and phoenix magnetic bookmarks are so bloody adorable that I just have to use them. Straight away. I just can’t get over how cute they are. Thank you to Fairy Loot and Bonitismo for bringing these into my life.

RRP: £2.47

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I think I nearly cried when I opened up this packaging. At first, I thought it was a pillow case but then I realised that it wasn’t thick enough to be one. And then I opened it up and realised that it was a scarf… with dragon scales on. It’s amazing and I absolutely love it and I’m going to wear it to uni. And then show it off to everyone. This gorgeous scarf was made by GivArt!

*I can’t find any social media for this company, so if anyone can find it, please let me know so that I can include links*





You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this book. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor has been one of my anticipated reads for forever. I have been craving it ever since I heard about it and I have been waiting patiently for it to be released. And now here it is. In the March Fairy Loot box... I genuinely think a tear may have been shed but sshhhhhh…. Alongside the book was a letter from Laini Taylor, a postcard and get this, the book was signed! There was no signed bookplate. THE BOOK ITSELF WAS ACTUALLY SIGNED AND THAT IS AWESOME! 


Thank you to Fairy Loot for an amazing year of bookish goodness and thank you for this months amazing box.I can’t wait for next months box which is themed Dreams and Wishes. Don’t forget to check out the Fairy Loot website to see pictures and details of their past book boxes and to also see their price plans for subscriptions. You can find my unboxing for the January 2017 box here and also the February 2017 box hereBelieve me guys, you do not want to miss out!




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