Fairy Loot Unboxing Feb 2017

Fairy Loot Unboxing Feb 2017

Ahhhh! Another month of Fairy Loot means yet another amazing book subscription box to open! I got home from spending the day in Lincoln to my Fairy Loot box waiting on the doorstep for me (thank God it wasn’t raining!) and as soon as I got into the house, I went straight upstairs to my bedroom and opened it. I was so impatient!

February’s box was focused around the theme of Emporers and Fugitives!

Like every month, I open the box, admire the artwork on the description print and then put the print to one side. I don’t like knowing what is in the box beforehand! I like the surprise.



The first item that I saw in the box was the Celestial Gunpowder bath bomb that was created exclusively for this box by Bathing Beauties. It has a gorgeous cupcake aroma and I can’t wait to try it out!

Bathing Beauties on Instagram

Bathing Beauties on Etsy


The next item in the box was the FULL-SIZE Kalusian Sunset candle which was made exclusively by Happy Piranha for this months Fairy Loot box! It smells absolutely gorgeous and is now on display on my bookshelf.

RRP: £7.95

Happy Piranha on Instagram

Happy Piranha on Etsy



This adorable Guardians of the Galaxy: Baby Groot keychain from Pop Funko! is going to look fab on my keyring. He’s so cute and tiny and just… awwwwwww…

Pop Funko Website

Baby Groot Keychain on Amazon



This beautifully designed coaster by Aentee from Read at Midnight has the gorgeous description “She is a catalyst, she is chaos. I can see why he loves her.” which is taken from the book Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff!

Read at Midnight Blog

Read at Midnight on Society 6

Aentee on Instagram


Another amazing bookmark was included in February’s box (because a book lover can never have too many bookmarks) and this was designed by Till and Dill who design such brilliantly detailed artwork! The name of this bookmark is called Space Girl.

RRP: £1.76

Till and Dill on Instagram

Till and Dill on Etsy



We were also given this discount card for MyBookmark who specialise is creating weird and wonderful bookmarks! I’ll definitely be ordering off them!

RRP: £18-£25

MyBookmark on Instagram

MyBookmark Website 


In the box of magic, there was also a sampler for The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr. It included some beautiful artwork on the pull-out and also included the introduction and chapter one sample. This book is out now and I haven’t bought it yet! But I definitely plan to as it sounds so so good.



Taratjah designed this awesome double-sided art print that shows Manon and Dorian from  Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series. These are going to look so good on my library wall!

Taratjah on Instagram

Taratjah on Society 6


This carry pouch is one of my favourite items in this months box! I absolutely loved Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton and this quote “the world makes things for each place” was one of my favourite quotes from the book so I’m so happy that I have a pouch with it on! This was designed by Alisse Courtier exclusively for this box!

Alisse Courtier on Instagram

Alisse Courtier Website

Alisse Courtier on Society 6 


The final item in the box is – of course – the book! I genuinely screamed when I saw that it was Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza. I have been waiting for this book for sooooo long and I felt like I needed it in my life. And now, I FINALLY HAVE IT! The Fairy Loot drawstring bag also included a signed bookplate from Belleza and also included a letter from her as well which was really cute to read. The cover also looks so much better in real life than it does in pictures on Goodreads or online shops as the colours are so vivid! Unfortunately, the book naked is only plain black but, oh well! I won’t be taking the dustjacket off anyway!




I wouldn’t say that this months was as good as January’s box but it was still impressive of them to get these many wonderul items in one box and it still includes some gorgeous prints that I can’t wait to put on my wall and I can’t wait to READ THE BOOK! I’M SO EXCITED!

Thank you, Fairy Loot for another amazing box! Each month, I feel like it’s Christmas and I genuinely can’t wait to the middle of the month – just so I can receive my box! I can’t wait for next months box which is themed Myths & Monsters. Don’t forget to check out the Fairy Loot website to see pictures and details of their past book boxes and to also see their price plans for subscriptions. You can find my unboxing for the January 2017 box here. Believe me guys, you do not want to miss out!




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