Shattered by Teri Terry

Shattered by Teri Terry

Shattered is the final book in the Slated trilogy and an epic ending to the world of the Slateds and their government.

This is a world that I don’t think I will ever forget due to its realistic nature and Terry’s way of creating a place that was truly unforgettable.

Kyla was Slated: her mind wiped clean by the oppressive Lorder government. When forbidden memories of a violent past begin to surface, so did doubts: could she trust those she had come to care for, like Ben? Helped by friends in MIA, she goes undercover, searching for her past and evading the authorities who want her dead. But the truth Kyla desperately seeks is more shocking than she ever imagined.

Shattered was a similar pace to that of Fractured: it was slow at first and then all of the action seemed to happen from the middle of the book onwards. That’s not to say that the book was terrible because it wasn’t (as you can tell from my four-star rating) but the problem with any book being slow at the beginning is that you tend to lose the readers focus and attention. This is what happened to me during Fractured and Shattered. A reading slump threatened to kick in and ruin everything but I forced myself to sit down and finish this series. And I’m so glad that I did.

Force yourself to get through the first half of the book and you will be rewarded with action-packed events with more Lorder cruelty and Kyla/Rain/Lucy/Riley unpacking her past. Yes, those are all of her names. I feel so sorry for her that she has no idea who she is.


“It doesn’t look much from the outside. But what you get outside is often like that. People, especially, can be so different from what you can see that you’d never guess what goes on in their secret places. What they are capable of.”
– Teri Terry, Shattered

I enjoyed it when Kyla went to Keswick and it added a different environment to the story and we got to see a more vulnerable side to Kyla when she went about everyday life – I especially loved seeing her interact with the children whilst she was helping teach art at the local school.

All of the characters had so much depth and they were all incredibly written. Again, I haven’t put ‘romance’ in the tags because there was hardly any romance in Shattered so I don’t class it as a romance novel. Purely dystopian and a book set in stone about family and finding out who you are – inside and out.

Like the rest of the series, there are plot twists, moments where you just want to scream and cry and parts where you just can’t get to the ending fast enough so that you can find out everything to do with the characters.

I found the ending to be very very good as well. Time skips forward a bit and Kyla is talking about what has happened during that time jump and what everything is like now. I found it to be a very neat ending that wrapped up any loose ends yet it still left the book open if it were to be carried on in the future.

Shattered is a brilliant book apart from the slow beginning and the whole of the Slated series is unforgettable. I’ll give the series as a whole a four out of five stars and I recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a gritty, dystopian.


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  1. So glad you enjoyed this because I thought this trilogy was so good! I agree that Fractured and Shattered were slow in places, but overall they were so well done I could forgive that. Slated is definitely one of all all time favourites, though, and I'm so glad I gave the books a chance and didn't just write them off as mediocre YA dystopia.

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

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