Broken Sky by L.A Weatherly

Broken Sky by L.A Weatherly

I love the dystopian genre. I love all of the “what ifs” that it lays out for the reader to think about: ‘what if our government did this?’, ‘what if our world decided to do that?’ I find it very intriguing, it’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed Divergent (not so much Insurgent or Allegiant).

L.A Weatherly had previously written the Angel trilogy. I had read the first two books and then given up because they were so big. I saw Broken Sky, realised that it was a dystopian and decided to get it. I love a good book about government secrets!

Welcome to a “perfect” world. Where war is illegal, where harmony rules. And where your date of birth marks your destiny.

But nothing is perfect.

And in a world this broken, who can Amity trust?

Amity is a Peacefighter, just like her father was and she lives in the Western Seaboard. The country is divided into two sections: the Western Seaboard and the Central States. The Central States is run by a man called Gunnison who believes that the stars and star signs marks your destiny and decides
whether you’re a threat to his twelve-year-plan or not (if you are labelled a threat, you’re ‘Discordant’ and are thrown into camps)

War is illegal in the world that Amity lives in and any political issues and debates are solved through Peacefights where the two countries concerned put forward a pilot each. That pilot has to fight the other pilot (without any killing) and the pilot who wins, wins the debate.

It sounds confusing when I put it like that, I know, but at least it gives you a tiny bit of background to the story.

The blurb also states that Broken Sky is a distorted echo of 1940s America… Now, when I was reading this book it seemed to be set more in the future – maybe in about 1000 years time – but there were shadows of the 1940s that cropped up. There are a lot of comparisons to World War II, for example the camps, if you were found Discordant, you were made to wear a ‘D’, a country being split into two, dictatorship… The list goes on. I found this very very interesting how Weatherly had used aspects of the war to make the book seem like it was set in 40s, but then also made it feel like it was set in the distant future.

“No one can judge your actions unless they’ve been there.”
– L.A Weatherly, Broken Sky

Broken Sky was tremendous. I absolutely loved every second of it. The prologue had me hooked but what I loved the most about this book was the dual perspectives, the point of view of Amity, and then the point of view of Kay. I found Kay to be such an interesting character and I absolutely loved reading from her perspective, it was so tense and exciting.

The writing was fantastic, the build ups were brilliant and the way that secrets were revealed was amazing. Beware of the ending. You will get major major feels. I literally threw the book across my living room and stared at the wall for half an hour before going over to pick the book back up. I also tweeted L.A Weatherly saying that the book had ruined my life. Because it really did…


But it was such an amazing book and I definitely cannot wait til Darkness Follows comes out. As soon as it’s 1st October, I’m going to my nearest Waterstones, buying it and then reading it straight away. I need to find out what happens next because THAT ENDING WAS JUST… AGGGHHHHHH!


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