Jessica Jones S1E7 AKA Top Shelf Perverts Review

Jessica Jones S1E7 AKA Top Shelf Perverts Review

Jessica Jones continues to impress with it’s dark and gripping seventh episode.

In this episode, Kilgrave (David Tennent) makes his dramatic appearance and it feels right. This is what the previous 6 episodes have been building up to; us seeing Kilgrave in the background psychologically manipulating people, then slowly becoming a bigger role by buying Jones’ (Krysten Ritter) childhood home, to having a full five minutes on screen with Jessica.


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We see how evil Kilgrave can also be, as he manipulates poor but odd Reuben (Kieran Mulcare) to kill himself as Reuben is lying on Jessica’s bed. All Reuben wanted was to being Jessica some food. As soon as Jones comes back to her apartment and sees Reuben dead, she knows that enough is enough. She tried to get herself locked in Supermax prison – “Supermax only houses the worst criminals: top-shelf perverts, cannibals, serial killers who make mosaics out of their victims fingernails…It’s living hell”, as Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) describes.

Hogarth’s presence in the show is still not fully understandable and her storyline with her divorce and Jones helping her finalise it makes another appearance in this episode. The writers surely must have a proper plan for Jeri Hogarth and her storyline and hopefully not just make her scenes filler episodes and a useless subplot.


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Another part that is starting to lose it’s effect is that of Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor). We get it, she’s now having sex with Will Simpson (Will Traval), but that’s all her scenes seem to be at the moment; that, and trying to convince Jessica not to do the wrong thing for a few minutes. Hopefully, she has a better character development further on into the show.

This episode is based around Jones finally realising what’s making her crazy: when she murdered Luke Cage’s (Mike Colter) ex-wife, Reeva under Kilgrave’s mind-control. The grief is suffocating her and she realises that as long as she’s around in the open air, she’s also open to Kilgrave holding people that she loves against her to get what he wants. Getting told by Luke that she was a “piece of shit” at the end of the sixth episode has caused her so much emotional distress that she just wants to put things right: Jessica Jones style.

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It’s when Jones goes to the police station with Reuben’s severed head (yes, Jones actually pulled his head of his dead body) that she starts to put her plan into action – not knowing that it’s going to fail. She proves to Detective Oscar Clemons (Clarke Peters) of her superhuman strength to try and get herself into Supermax because she’s “dangerous” and that’s when another officer walks in to tell her that she’s free to go.

Turns out that Kilgrave knew that she was turning herself in and had mind-controlled everyone in the police precinct to hold a gun to their own head or a civilians – it’s nice what a man will do for a girl’s attention isn’t it? No. It’s scary. He’s scary. It’s here when he confesses his undying love for Jones, he’s “yearning” for her and wants her to feel the same.

So Jones does what she thinks she has to do. She surrenders to Kilgrave and meets him at her childhood home that he bought; hopefully she’s going to develop a new plan to take him down whilst she’s spending ‘quality’ time with him.

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We’re also introduced to a new character. Trish’s Mom and Jessica’s foster Mom, Dorothy Walker (Rebecca De Mornay). We learn that she’s the reason that Trish got addicted to drugs and that she’s basically a terrible mother that only cares about herself and uses her daughter and took Jessica in to gain the media’s attention. She’s a nasty character, but it was interesting to see Jones go and see her. Why was she introduced now? Hopefully Dorothy will get some character development of her own throughout the series.

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This was a very good episode as it showed a new side to Jones that was essentially for the story to develop and have her continue on her path. It was fantastic for Tennent to finally showcase his talent as Kilgrave in an actual scene of conversation with Jones and for some reason, Malcom’s (Eka Danville) character is becoming more and more loveable.

Bring on the eighth episode!

What do you think of Jessica Jones? Is there anything you wish you would’ve seen in this episode? Anything you think shouldn’t have been in this episode? Leave a comment below.

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