Panic at the Disco ‘Victorious’ Music Video Review

Panic at the Disco ‘Victorious’ Music Video Review

American rock band, Panic at the Disco have always released bizarre music videos; it’s the one thing that I always look forward to.

One week ago, Panic released their official music video for ‘Victorious’ and it is anything but strange. In fact, it’s quite normal. Brendan Urie is getting over his ex-girlfriend and every good deed that he does, he gets rewarded and feels like a “washed-up celebrity”. Bikini-clad girls surrounded him popping champagne and I realised that there wasn’t a vestige of the Panic that I know and love.




After Urie uploading the fantastic, theatrical video of ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ onto YouTube a month ago, watching ‘Victorious’ was so “normal” that I almost got whiplash.

He’s not even decked out in his suit (which has become an icon now). But seeing Urie help an etiolated, old lady cross the street with a big smile on his face, has got to be the cutest thing that I have ever seen and makes up for the normality of the whole video.

I guess the only way it could be called strange is because that’s not Panic’s style; it’s incongruous. But it’s still good, it’s still music and it’s still fun.

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