Sense8 Season One review

Sense8 Season One review

At first, I was a bit wary about this Netflix Original show – a group of twenty-somethings with special powers and they use their powers to help each other out. It sounded a lot like Heroes to me, but boy was I wrong. I watched this season of perfection in a day and a half. I stopped to eat and go to work and to get the right amount of sleep so I could wake up in the morning and start watching it again.

The concept of the show sounds quite simple yet when you watch it, it’s quite complex. A group of twenty-somethings are connected by a suicide – even though they are in different countries – and after they get some killer migraines, they have special powers and they use their powers to help each other out in their different life situations. Sounds simple? It’s complex because it’s so many genres rolled into one; there’s sci-fi, romance, drama and thriller, but it works so well.




The Wachowskis and J Michael Straczynski are the creators of this magnificent show and you’ve got to give it to them, they’ve done such, a brilliant job at making a show that you will want to binge, at making a show where you – I guarantee it – will not want to miss a second. You know what I love about this show? All of the different people types of people in it. Sure, there’s a bit of tokenism in there with the stereotypical “Whoo! Gay pride!” lesbians, the Korean who loves martial arts and the American cop, but that’s what I love. It brings together eight different people, from eight different corners of the world.

This show will make you laugh, it will make you cry – I kept a box of tissues by me throughout the twelve episodes – it will knock you breathless because you’ll be thinking “can that even be put in a TV show”, but it pushes the boundaries of TV and doesn’t make you feel like you’ve wasted your time binge watching it.

There wasn’t much of a cliffhanger at the end of the finale but I felt like you didn’t need one. There’s still a lot more to be told about the eight main characters, their backgrounds, their connections with each other (warning: you will ship characters, it’s inevitable), and that’s what makes me so excited for season two. Looks like I’ll be waiting a whil ecause season one has just come out, but I’m willing to wait for a show so perfect.

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