My Skills

My Skills

My CV and Skills Audit is aimed at Harper Teens UK publishing company.


Media skills that I have gained from previous jobs can be transferred to the publishing industry. I acquired some of these skills when I studied Music Journalism and Broadcasting at Staffordshire University. Whilst there, I worked on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition and Premiere Pro. These are programmes that I still use now whilst working on my website. I have also contributed to a radio station, where I learned how to use Myriad. Working on the radio station meant I had to have a lot of confidence as I was talking live on the university radio show and had to work in a team to guarantee we put out the best show. Through studying Music Journalism and Broadcasting, I acquired the skills on how to make a television segment where I had to go into Stoke and do vox pops using the Sony NX70 camera and also used the Sony NX70 to film an interview for my segment.

For the journalistic side of the course, I learned how to write in professional way that would be suitable for a magazine or newspaper. This meant that my writing had to be concise as reviews for my university magazine had to be 250 words.

As aforementioned, I have my own professional website where I review an eclectic range of books that I have bought or have been sent to me by publishers and authors for honest reviews. My website means that I have had to learn how to write HTML and CSS codes so that I can customise my website. Having a website on the side of university and a job has meant that I have had to manage my time. I find that time management is a key skill to have and maintaining my website showcases this. Whilst being in charge of my own website, I also contribute daily to the Daily Focal website where I write about film, television shows and books.

For five years, I taught swimming to children and adults. Whilst in this job, I gained confidence in speaking to big groups and leading classes and it also helped me with time management as I had to plan detailed lessons that had to fit into a half an hour time period. I have also worked in two retail jobs that include T.K Maxx and volunteering in my local charity bookstore. These jobs have helped me to deal better with pressure as retail around Christmas time becomes stressful. Being able to handle pressure better has transferred to when I’m at university. I have found that during assignment period, I am handling pressure in a much more effective way. These two jobs have also helped me with my punctuality and dealing with customers. To deal with customers, I have to be approachable and confident.

To improve and develop my skills that I have acquired over the years, I can use my website to start writing in a more academic manner. For this to happen, I will keep practising my writing styles and keep using the software that I am using so that I become more accustomed to it and can use it on a more understanding level.