Authors A-Z

Authors A-Z


Adornetto, Alexandra – Halo (#1)

Adornetto, Alexandra – Hades (#2)

Adornetto, Alexandra – Heaven (#3)

Ahdieh, Renée – Flame in the Mist

Ahern, Cecilia – Flawed (#1)

Ahern, Cecilia – Perfect (#2)

Albertalli, Becky – Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Albertalli, Becky – The Upside of Unrequited 

Alexander, Sarah – The Art of Not Breathing 

Alsaid, Adi – Never Always Sometimes

Altabtabai, A.S – Nostalgic Rain: Galaxies Away

Anderson, Halse Laurie – Wintergirls

Anderson, C. Natalie – City of Saints and Thieves

Arnold, David – Kids of Appetite

Asher, Jay – Thirteen Reasons Why



Badoe, Yaba – A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars

Barnard, Sara – Beautiful Broken Things

Barnard, Sara – A Quiet Kind of Thunder

Belisle, David – I Was Justin’s Nanny

Bennett, Jenn – Night Owls

Bennett, M.A. – S.T.A.G.S

Berry, Julie – All The Truth That’s In Me

Black, Holly – The Darkest Part of the Forest

Black, Holly – The Cruel Prince (#1)

Blake, Elly – Frostblood (#1)

Blake, Elly – Fireblood (#2)

Books, EXO – The Last Day of Captain Lincoln

Bourne, Holly – How Hard Can Love Be? (#2)

Bourne, Holly – It Only Happens in the Movies

Bowen, Elizabeth – Mysterious Kor

Brant, Wendy – Zenn Diagram

Bray, Libba – Beauty Queens

Brontë, Charlotte – Jane Eyre

Bucchin, Hannah – Paintbrush



Caine, Rachel – Ink and Bone (#1)

Cantu, C. Laura – Betwixters: Once Upon a Time

Chait, Gavin – Our Memories Like Dust

Chbosky, Stephen – Perks of Being a Wallflower

Cheng, Jack – See You in the Cosmos

Clarke, Cat – The Lost and the Found

Clarke, Cat – Girlhood

Clawson, David – My Fairy Godmother is a Drag Queen

Cogman, Genevieve – The Invisible Library (#1)

Cohen-Janca, Irene – The Golem of Prague

Colgan T., Jenny – Resistance is Futile


Damico, Gina – Waste of Space

De La Cruz, Melissa – Something in Between

Dellaira, Ava – Love Letters to the Dead

DeStefano, Lauren – A Curious Tale of the In-Between

Dickens, Charles – Great Expectations



Else, Rae – Descendants (#1)

Engel, Amy – The Roanoke Girls



Fitzpatrick, Becca – Dangerous Lies

Flynn, Gillian – Gone Girl

Foody, Amanda – Daughter of the Burning City

Fowles, John – The Enigma



Gaiman, Neil – Coraline

Gaiman, Neil – The Graveyard Book

Garber, Stephanie – Caraval

Gregorio, I.W – None of the Above

Gregory, Karen – Countless



Haig, Matt – How to Stop Time

Hamilton, Alwyn – Rebel of the Sands (#1)

Hamilton, Alwyn – Traitor to the Throne (#2)

Hawkins, Paula – The Girl on the Train

Heathfield, Lisa – Paper Butterflies

Heathfield, Lisa – Flight of a Starling

Hendrix, Grady – Horrorstör

Hill, Bryan, Matt Hawkins and Isaac Goodheart – Postal Vol. 1

Hillyer, Lexa – Spindle Fire (#1)



Israel, Julie – Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index



Jackson, Shirley – The Haunting of Hill House

Jackson, Shirley – We Have Always Lived in the Castle

James, Lauren – The Next Together

Jones, Geraint – Blood Forest

Jordan, Neil – Carnivalesque

Josey, Imani – The Blazing Star

June, Christina – It Started With Goodbye



Kaur, Rupi – Milk and Honey

Kemmerer, Brigid – Letters to the Lost

Kibbee, K. – Forests of the Fae: Devlin’s Door (#1)

Knoll, Jessica – Luckiest Girl Alive



Laneley, Amanda – What I Love About Dublin

Lauren, Ruth – Prisoner of Ice and Snow (#1)

Leav, Lang – Sad Girls

Lee, Mackenzi – The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Lee, Harper – Go Set A Watchman

Lelic, Simon – The House

Lessing, Doris – To Room Nineteen

Levithan, David – The Lover’s Dictionary

Lewis, Matthew – The Monk

Longden, Adam – The Caterpillar Girl

Lord, Emery – The Names They Gave Us

Lovelace, Amanda – The Princess Saves Herself in this One



Maniscalco, Kerri – Stalking Jack the Ripper (#1)

Maniscalco, Kerri – Hunting Prince Dracula (#2)

Marquardt, Marie – The Radius of Us

Maurier, du Daphne – Rebecca

McDonald, Ian – Luna: New Moon (#1)

McDonald, Ian – Luna: Wolf Moon (#2)

McDowell, Nigel – The House of Mountfathom

McManus, M. Karen – One of Us is Lying

Menon, Sandhya – When Dimple Met Rishi

Meyer, Marissa – Cinder (#1)

Morgan, Lou – The Opposite of You

Morgenstern, Erin – The Night Circus



Nelson, Jandy – I’ll Give You The Sun

Ness, Patrick – More Than This

Neuvel, Sylvain – Sleeping Giants (#1)

Neuvel, Sylvain – Waking Gods (#2)

Nielsen, Susin – We Are All Made of Molecules

Nielsen, Susin – Optimists Die First

Nijkamp, Marieke – This is Where it Ends

Niven, Jennifer – All The Bright Places

Niven, Jennifer – Holding Up The Universe

Novik, Naomi – Uprooted





Panse, Sonal – The Sunshine Time (S1 Ep 1)

Panse, Sonal – The Sunshine Time (S1 Ep 2)

Panse, Sonal – The Sunshine Time (S1 Ep 3)

Panse, Sonal – The Sunshine Time (S1 Ep 4)

Panse, Sonal – The Sunshine Time (S1 Ep 5)

Panse, Sonal – The Sunshine Time (S1 Ep 6)

Panse, Sonal – The Sunshine Time (S1 Ep 7)

Pearce, Nicholas – The Promise She Made

Pearson, E. Mary – The Kiss of Deception (#1)

Perkins, Stephanie – There’s Someone Inside Your House

Perkins, Gilman Charlotte – The Yellow Wallpaper

Poblocki, Dan – Shadow House: The Gathering (#1)

Poblocki, Dan – Shadow House: You Can’t Hide (#2)

Poblocki, Dan – Shadow House: No Way Out (#3)

Poston, Ashley – Geekerella

Pulley, Natasha – The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

Pullman, Philip – Northern Lights (#1)

Pullman, Philip – The Subtle Knife (#2)

Pullman, Philip – The Amber Spyglass (#3)





Radcliffe, Ann – The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne

Reichs, Brendan – Nemesis (#1)

Riggs, Ransom – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (#1)

Riggs, Ransom – Hollow City (#2)

Riggs, Ransom – Library of Souls (#3) 

Roux, Madeleine – Asylum (#1)

Rowell, Rainbow – Fangirl 

Rowell, Rainbow – Kindred Spirits

Rowell, Rainbow – Eleanor & Park

Russo, Meredith – If I Was Your Girl



Sager, Riley – Final Girls

Schmidt, D. Gary – Orbiting Jupiter

Schwab, V.E – This Savage Song (#1)

Schwab, V.E – Our Dark Duet (#2)

Searle, Nicholas – A Traitor in the Family

Sher, Abby – All the Ways the World Can End

Shusterman, Neal – Unwind (#1)

Shusterman, Neal – Scythe (#1)

Sillitoe, Alan – The Fishing-boat Picture

Silvera, Adam – History is All You Left Me

Smith, E. Jennifer – Windfall

Stephens, Anna – Godblind

Stevenson, Louis Robert – The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Stiefvater, Maggie – The Raven Boys (#1)

Stiefvater, Maggie – The Dream Thieves (#2)

Stiefvater, Maggie – Blue Lily, Lily Blue (#3)

Stiefvater, Maggie – The Raven King (#4)

Stockett, Kathryn – The Help

Stratton, Allan – The Way Back Home

Sullivan, J. Matthew – Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore



Talley, Robin – Lies We Tell Ourselves

Talley, Robin – Our Own Private Universe

Taylor, C.L – The Missing

Taylor, Laini – Strange the Dreamer (#1)

Terry, Teri – Slated (#1)

Terry, Teri – Fractured (#2)

Terry, Teri – Shattered (#3)

Thomas-Brown, Cauline – The Roper Twins: Bath Time Battle with Nan

Tintera, Amy – Reboot (#1)

Tremblay, Paul – A Head Full of Ghosts





Vaughan, K. Brian and Fiona Staples – Saga Vol. 1 

Vaughan, K. Brian and Fiona Staples – Saga Vol. 2

Vaughan, K. Brian and Fiona Staples – Saga Vol. 3

Vaughan, K. Brian and Fiona Staples – Saga Vol. 4

Vaughan, K. Brian and Fiona Staples – Saga Vol. 5

Vaughan, K. Brian and Fiona Staples – Saga Vol. 6

Vaughan, K. Brian and Fiona Staples – Saga Vol. 7



Walker, Alice – The Color Purple

Walpole, Horace – The Castle of Otranto

Ware, Ruth – In a Dark Dark Wood

Waters, Sarah – Affinity

Weatherly, L.A – Broken Sky (#1)

Weatherly, L.A – Darkness Follows (#2)

West, Pauline – Evening’s Land

Whitaker, Sue – Remember Remember

Whitaker, Sue – Dear Anyone

Wilde, Suzie – The Book of Bera

Williams, Emily – Letters to Eloise 

Williams, Emily – Rafferty Lincoln Loves…

Woolf, Virginia – To The Lighthouse





Yoon, Nicola – The Sun is Also a Star



Zentner, Jeff – Goodbye Days