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Hi book lovers!

So you’re probably wondering who this weird and wonderful person is who is running The Bibliophile Girl… Well, that would be me: Kirsty and a massive book nerd.


I’ve been reading ever since I was born and books have – not to sound too cliché – have made my life so much more interesting. There’s something about opening up a new book and not knowing the journey you’re about to go on. I love the emotion that comes pouring out of the pages.


So… You came to this page to find out a little bit about me right? Well..

  • 22 years old but I feel 40

  • I read about three/four books a week

  • I want to work for SciFi Now or Empire magazine or a publishing company

  • I review books for upcoming authors and I LOVE DOING IT!

  • Post every other day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc…)

  • Obsessed with films and tv shows. When I’m not reading, you can find me binge watching TV or in the cinema.



Legit took this a couple of years ago and it’s the only decent photo of me



The Best Friend:


She’s my rock, my sister, and my best friend. I love this girl so much.


The Dog:


Luna looking all majestic



 There we go then, guys… You got a sneak peak of the girl behind the blog.


Warning and Disclaimers on The Bibliophile Girl:

There are trigger warnings at the end of my reviews that show in which areas the book could be triggering for some readers. I want to help readers who are looking for a new book, to know all sorts of problems that may crop up in certain novels such as self-harm, emotional or physical abuse, rape etc… And I want readers to be prepared if they DO choose to read that book. 

I have also labelled at the end of the review whether this book has started up a conversation within the book community whether it is problematic. If a book is problematic in any way, but I LIKED the book. Then I will do a review as normal, yet still state that there were problems with representation, diversity etc… That way, readers can know my opinion and also the trigger/problematic areas at the same time as knowing my opinion of the book as a whole. They can take all of this information into account and then decide if they want to read it. 

If you have any issues with this system, drop me an email explaining your concern and I will put the problem right for you. 

What are you still doing here then? Go on, there’s plenty of reviews to read and there’s also some book tags and ‘top 10’ articles so you can learn a little bit more about me from those too.