The Sunshine Time S1E7 by Sonal Panse

The Sunshine Time S1E7 by Sonal Panse

AHHHHHH! THIS IS MORE LIKE IT! This was so much better. The storyline kicks off again and we see more of Lea’s character when it’s just her on her own and when she’s not with so many other people.

Accompanying Psyche Maimon to the Loft to fetch her sketchbook, Lea is inadvertently thrown out by Guy Caraindon. She loses her temper at such high-handed treatment and causes a scene that ends up thrusting her in the social media limelight. Fame, she discovers, has many drawbacks.

I’m still confused about all of the characters and the relationships between them. I know that the character of Psyche is in the series quite a bit but I have no clue who she is and what her relationship is with the rest of the characters. That for me, slightly lets this episode down but it wasn’t a major problem as most of the episode centres around Lea.

I thought Lea’s reaction to being thrown out of Guy’s mansion was absolutely hilarious. She just started mouthing off because her feelings were hurt. I do think that she can be a bit childish but I just found it funny, because she was throwing so many insults his way and she did the thing where she communicated with him through a friend. So she wasn’t directly talking to him but still getting her message across. I thought that was so funny.



“As I was learning, people were far more multifaceted than what first met the eye.”

– Sonal Panse, The Sunshine Time S1E7



There was also some character development for Billy towards the end of the episode. He actually starts being nice *shocked*. I think I was just reading with my mouth agape. I didn’t know that he had a single nice bone in his body because he’s always being so sarcastic towards Lea.

I did feel for Lea though. She just doesn’t seem to have the best luck, to be honest. With her altercation with Guy filmed, she had to deal with so many questions from friends and family if that was her or not, and you could tell that she was so embarrassed and just wanted to curl up and cry. Jeez, I felt so sorry for her. But I’m sure she will bounce back in the next episode, she always does!

Overall, this episode was so much better than the couple previous ones, and I’m glad that the storyline is back on track. I look forward to reading how Lea continues to handle her unwanted fame!


Disclaimer: ‘The Sunshine Time’ is a serial novel. The episodes need to be read in sequence. This is not a standalone novel. Please be aware of this.

Each episode will be published on a fortnightly schedule (that is, every two weeks). At present, 30 episodes are planned for Season 1

This episode was sent to me by the author for an honest review.


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