The Sunshine Time S1E6 by Sonal Panse

The Sunshine Time S1E6 by Sonal Panse

It has been so long since I read episode 5 of this charming episodic novel, that I had to go back and read episode 5 again. Episode 6 carries straight on from the happenings of the previous episode and focuses more on the family dynamic between Billy and Lea.

Leaving Drumont’s Bar without meeting Guy Caraindon, Lea has the misfortune of discovering a new pimple and encountering an aggressive taxi driver, who turns out to be an N.S.A.P. supporter.

Ok, so one of the biggest plot points of this episode was the political fights between the N.S.A.P taxi driver and the S.C.P political party supporters. I’m still not 100% certain about the politics of this story but I’m hoping that I get to learn more about it as the novel progresses.



“Jopie, who had outed herself to me as a rabid feminist, had glowered at her mother and muttered that finding a husband wasn’t her principle goal in life. She actually intended to have a career. Getting married and especially to someone who cared so much for outward appearances was not exactly at the top of her list.”

– Sonal Panse, The Sunshine Time S1E6


Whilst reading this episode, it just cemented my thoughts about Billy. I hate him. He is SO annoying. Everything that came out of his mouth, I just wanted to shove back him. I don’t know why his mother and Lea’s mom doesn’t just give him a bit of a slap. I mean, he still probably wouldn’t shut up but he just needs to be taught a lesson. He’s just the most sarcastic, teasing, gobby character that I think I have ever read about… I felt so sorry for Lea that she had to keep putting up with his teasing about the spot on her nose and about her and Guy Caraindon.

Now that I’m six episodes in, I’ve realised that it’s probably best to read the whole series in one sitting rather than in segments like I have because I’ve soon noticed that all of the episodes aren’t all as strong as each other. But then that got me thinking… If you split any novel into episodes and reviewed each episode separately like I am doing, you’re always going to get parts that aren’t quite as strong as the previous. I think that’s one of the negatives about writing a novel in episodes like this.

I think the highlight of this episode was definitely when the taxi driver started mouthing off about his political party and got taken down a peg or two by the S.C.P supporters!


Disclaimer: ‘The Sunshine Time’ is a serial novel. The episodes need to be read in sequence. This is not a standalone novel. Please be aware of this.

Each episode will be published on a fortnightly schedule (that is, every two weeks). At present, 30 episodes are planned for Season 1

This episode was sent to me by the author for an honest review.

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