Fairy Loot Unboxing April 2017

Fairy Loot Unboxing April 2017

At the time of writing this, it’s 5:30pm and I have just got back from a rubbish and stressful day at work. But then I saw that my Fairy Loot box had arrived and I was so excited that I instantly forgot about work, ran upstairs and opened it.

This month’s theme was ‘Dreams and Wishes’


The oh-so-beautiful artwork that comes with every box. I don’t look at the card though because it has spoilers as to what is inside ?





The first thing that I saw was this gorgeous Fairy Loot box. It is one of the cutest things that I have ever seen and I’m keeping it. I don’t care. However, inside the cute box was this GORGEOUS mug which was designed by Risa Rodil and it says “To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered”. It has an absolutely beautiful design and the quote is taken from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas.

RRP: £10.00

Risa Rodil on Twitter

Risa Rodil on Instagram

Risa Rodil website

Risa Rodil on Redbubble

Risa Rodil on Society6






The next item that I saw in the box was another beautifully designed and crafted candle from Meraki candles. The title of the candle is ‘Reverie’ which links in with the book and it also smells so good. It genuinely smelled good enough to eat because of it’s marshmallow scent! Also, look at the candle itself! It has pink/purple glitter on it!

RRP: £8.95

Meraki Candles on Instagram

Meraki Candles on Etsy





At first, I thought this was a coaster but when I actually picked it up, I realised that it was a magnet. This magnet was actually designed by the Fairy Loot team. The magnet says “Follow your dreams, they know the way”. I love the design of it and I’m going to put it on the fridge straight away (well… My parents fridge because I live with them ?)





This month’s Fairy Loot box is full of lovely little trinkets; the next one being this awesome pin badge that shows a jar of dreams. This pin badge was designed by House of Wonderland and this is actually the first time that Fairy Loot have included a pin badge inside one of their boxes!

RRP: £6.00

House of Wonderland on Twitter

House of Wonderland on Instagram

House of Wonderland website




Another gorgeous item to feast your eyes upon! This little gemstone notebook was designed by Portico. Fairy Loot actually sent out 12 different designed notebooks (for the 12 months in the year – obviously) but because my birthday is in November, I’m sad I didn’t get the Topaz one… ? So if anyone wants to sell me a topaz one that they don’t want, feel free to message me on social media as I really want my birthday month! However, putting that aside, this is a beautifully designed notebook with gold-sprayed pages. It looks looks amazing and the paper feels like such good quality as well!

Portico webiste





One of the bonus items was this little postcard that advertises Meagan Spooner’s new book: Hunted, which is a Beauty and the Beast retelling.





This postcard is much bigger than the Hunted one above, but it is advertising the book Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer. The other side of this card shows some reviews of the book and this side says: “one night reviled before break of morn, amid the roses wild, all tangled in thorns, the shadow and the child, together were born”. Spindle Fire is a Sleeping Beauty retelling.




I love bags, ok? I own way way too many but do I care? No. And this is just another one to add to my every growing collection! This AMAZING tote bag was designed by Miss Phi and says “Madness is a matter of perspective little dreamer” and it’s taken from The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon. This tote bag is just the right size for university, which is perfect!

Miss Phi on Twitter

Miss Phi on Instagram

Miss Phi on Society6

Miss Phi website




And finally… THE BOOK BAG!! This month’s book was Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this book, so I’m eager to read it and see what I think about it. The sea scares the hell out of me, so I’m hoping no creepy things happen in this book to do with the sea, otherwise I’ll cry.




The next item(s) that I fished (see what I did there?) out of the book bag was the letter to all the readers from Mindy McGinnis herself. However, for some reason, I had three letters? I read all three of them just in case they were different, and they weren’t! So I have 3 letters now!





And like every month, we also receive a signed bookplate from McGinnis that you can stick inside the book!




For the first time, Fairy Loot has created a bookmark with this months artwork on it which I think is super awesome! They’re going to be doing this every month as well, which makes me super happy because I love the artwork and now I get to see it every time I open my books!





Thank you to Fairy Loot for another amazing month of bookish goodness. I can’t wait for next months box which is themed Warriors and Legends and I have a very good feeling of what the book is – and let me tell you, it is a book that you definitely do not want to miss out on. Don’t forget to check out the Fairy Loot website to see pictures and details of their past book boxes and to also see their price plans for subscriptions. You can find my unboxing the January, February and March boxes on my unboxings page

Believe me guys, you do not want to miss out!

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