The Sunshine Time S1 E3 by Sonal Panse

The Sunshine Time S1 E3 by Sonal Panse

In episode three of this serial novel, I felt like a lot didn’t really happen. It seemed like a filler episode and 40 pages where Panse was building the foundations for when Lea first sees her family.

Arriving in rain-lashed Alsalem, Lea Chantry is rescued from luggage overload by three clowns and receives a marriage proposal from one of them.

Lea steps off the train and is about to meet her family at her new university home when she meets three guys dressed up as clowns. The boys are full of jokes and are constantly trying to make Lea laugh. This part of the episode is hilarious, fast-paced and adorable. One of the clowns feels like Lea is the girl for him and proposes because he thinks that he won’t find anyone like her again.

After that happened, the story seems to drag and I couldn’t really follow the story. I don’t know whether this was because my parents had the radio on and all I couldn’t concentrate or whether I was just really confused. The latter half of the episode was Lea in a taxi and then bumping into her brother.


“Deserve it? Are you serious? What did I ever do to you?”
“To my people.”
“I didn’t do anything to your people either. You can’t blame me for what other people did or continue to do.”

– Sonal Panse, The Sunshine Time S1 E3


As you can see from the quote above, some of this episode delves deep into social issues which was very interesting to read.

This wasn’t my favourite episode so far; I miss the simpleness that was the first two episodes. There were hardly any characters; the storyline was simple and the pacing of the episodes was perfect. However, now that Lea has arrived at her destination, I’m worried that Panse is going to throw all of the characters together to ‘get the story going’. I don’t want it to be rushed, but it feels like that’s the way that this is going.

We shall see…


Disclaimer: ‘The Sunshine Time’ is a serial novel. The episodes need to be read in sequence. This is not a standalone novel. Please be aware of this.

Each episode will be published on a fortnightly schedule (that is, every two weeks). At present, 30 episodes are planned for Season 1

This episode was sent to me by the author for an honest review.



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