The Sunshine Time Ep 1 by Sonal Panse

The Sunshine Time Ep 1 by Sonal Panse

When I first started reading The Sunshine Time, I was quite confused about the whole setting of it and the time period. Throughout the rest of episode one, these points are not made clear. However, it is a very interesting and captivating read.

On the long train journey from Samanbar to her new home in Alsalem, 18-year-old Lea Chantry is intrigued by a handsome and taciturn Mitrione officer, quite enough to disregard the deep-rooted familial hatred of the dreaded paramilitary force and make a nuisance of herself.

Lea is our heroine in this short, witty, first episode of the serial. She moving away from her home in Samanbar so that she can start university in Alsalem to study fine art. Whilst on the train journey she encounters mysterious characters such as the Mitrione officer and a Countess.


During parts of the episode, I was beginning to bore of Lea’s long dialogue and began to sympathise with the Mitrione officer. However, even though Lea has a lot of dialogue, the things that she talks about and how she says them are hilarious. She’s forever chatting about her family, her dog, and her life back home which is really interesting.

Sonal Panse’s writing style is quite confusing at first because the reader isn’t given any foundation information of the Mitrione and the Kirzhiek. I’ve just finished episode two and I can still only tell you that the Mitrione and Kirzhiek are enemies. But it’s a storyline that I have gotten used to and after finishing episode two, I have realised that to read the story, you don’t really need to know the details of the politics apart from the fact aforementioned.


“Medications weren’t going to cure what was basically wrong with him, his personality.”

– Sonal Panse, The Sunshine Time Ep 1


As soon as I finished episode one, I started episode two straight away. I needed to know more about Lea and the Mitrione officer and I wanted to hear more of Lea’s witty conversation techniques.

Apart from the confusing timelines and the length of Lea’s dialogue, episode one was an amazing story to read. Panse has created a world that is fun yet political at the same time. Who knew those two words would go together?!



Disclaimer: ‘The Sunshine Time’ is a serial novel. The episodes need to be read in sequence. This is not a standalone novel. Please be aware of this.

Each episode will be published on a fortnightly schedule (that is, every two weeks). At present, 30 episodes are planned for Season 1

This episode was sent to me by the author for an honest review.



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