I Was Justin’s Nanny by David Belisle

I Was Justin’s Nanny by David Belisle

I know about British politics, I know about politics in the United States, but if you talk to me about politics in Canada, I won’t have a clue what you’re going on about. *sorry Canada*

The entirety of I Was Justin’s Nanny is a political satire of Canada’s politics.

The Liberal red tidal wave of support has receded, leaving a new prime minister on the Hill. It’s the daring, debonair Justin Prudhomme and his delicious dark locks.

Issues pile up quickly. The stuffed shirts and stiff collars need to be ironed out. The media awaits their daily dish and there’s simply no end to the dirty laundry. But that’s all on the Hill. Justin’s wife Josie is busy producing a CBC documentary on saving lemmings. Somebody must tend to the home fires.

Enter Marie Bellehumeur. The 52-year-old, chain-smoking native of St. Louis-du-Ha-Ha! has been around the block. Of unemployment. Dumb luck and dumber clerical staff allow her in the door at 24 Sussex.

Today’s hot potatoes – immigration, terrorism and U.S. President Ronald Stump – are mashed onto the prime minister’s plate. Can Justin govern? Can Marie stand the heat in the kitchen? Has anyone seen the kids?

I found the character of Marie Bellehumeur to be very entertaining. She was absolutely hilarious *that scene when Josie walks in on Marie in the bathroom* Marie was probably the best part of this book as yes, she found the Prime Minister attractive but she did her job very well, she just wanted what was best for the four children.

However, as much as the children and the character of Marie were loveable, the story itself just went straight over my head. I didn’t really understand what was going on and once I had finished the book, I still didn’t know what had happened. I don’t think it was even because I don’t know Canadian politics, I just feel like the story was all over the place. The character of Mr. Kawasaki just confused me and there were way too many minor characters so I ended up getting them all mixed up with each other.

This was a very quick read but I think that’s just because I didn’t understand half of what I was reading.


Disclaimer: this book was sent to by the author for an honest review



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2 thoughts on “I Was Justin’s Nanny by David Belisle

  1. Ronald Stump xD that’s a good one. Interesting premise I guess, and probably funny (Ronald Stump xD), but reading about politics can get tedious as hell. Where did you get the ARC/DRC?

    1. It was sent to me by the author. I feel bad giving it 2 stars but I just didn’t get what was going on half the time…

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