5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Book Blog

5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Book Blog

Ok so if you’re reading this, then I’m assuimg that you also love reading. Am I correct? If not… guys, I think you’re on the wrong website.

I haven’t been a book blogger for long at all but I absolutely love it. I love sharing my thoughts with you all, even if they are controversial *damn that All The Bright Places review*

But why did I start book blogging in the first place?


I woke up one morning after finishing How Hard Can Love Be? and I thought “you know what? I’m going to start a book blog” *no seriously, that’s genuinely what happened. Massive cliché right?*

How Hard Can Love Be? was my first blog post on my website and it felt so good to have people reading it and seeing the page view numbers slowly increasing. Then, I started reviewing every book that I read, I started engaging with other bloggers and it made me feel so good about myself. So I decided to compile a list of five reasons why you should start your very own book blog!



1) You have your own website! Like, how cool is that? You have your own website where you can design it however you want, you can write about awesome (and not-so-awesome) books, you get to fangirl over storylines with other book lovers and you get to share your love of authors. How much better could it be?

2) When you’re a book blogger or a book lover, you become part of an amazing online community (ok lately, there has been a lot of drama but hopefully that is just a one-time-thing). The people are so nice and welcoming and you can talk to them about literally everything. There’s also some book blogger chats that you can get involved with so you can make new friends and spread the word about your blog!

3) You get to follow your favourite authors on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr etc… And seeing them fangirl over other authors is amazing, seeing them post pictures of their personal book hauls if fab and you get to share your reviews with them.



4) When I’m writing a book review and it was a good book, in my head I’m thinking ‘YES! YOU WILL GO OUT AND BUY THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING AND EVERYONE SHOULD THINK SO!” *ahem Fangirl* So you have this mega super power to convince other people to go and spend money on words.

5) If you love English like me, writing blog posts can seriously help with your writing skills as you’re always using different types of writing. For example, for this blog post, it’s more informal so I write in a chatty style to appeal to the readers and *convince them that I am actually cool*, for my blog posts, I write in a more formal way so it comes across as a professional review. *My english tutor would be so proud*.



And if those five reasons weren’t convincing enough, then I don’t know what else to say. IF YOU LOVE BOOKS AND WANT TO SHARE YOUR LOVE WITH THE WORLD, MAKE A BOOK BLOG! Also, you get to be friends with me and come on, who wouldn’t want that? *joking… sort of*

If you’ve got a book blog or you’re thinking about starting one, leave a comment below!


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  1. Sometimes I feel like that! Like I have all of these ideas and I'm like wait… I don't have a section for that… So I just put all of those blog posts under 'random'. Because I'm original :L


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