Resistance is Futile by Jenny T. Colgan

Resistance is Futile by Jenny T. Colgan

Resistance is Futile was one of my impulse buys. I saw it in my local Waterstones, quickly read the blurb and it sounded so different to anything I had read before. Mathematics? Sci-Fi elements? Awesome. It’s like Big Bang Theory meets Independence Day.

Connie’s smart. She’s funny. But when it comes to love, she’s only human.

As a brilliant mathematician with bright red hair – Connie’s used to being considered a little unusual. But when she’s recruited for a top-secret-code-breaking project, nothing can prepare her for working with someone quite as peculiar as Luke.

Connie prepares herself for a life of love, friendship… and the possible obliteration of mankind.

I love sci-fi ok? I love aliens, I love space, I love futuristic things… But I’ve never actually read a sci-fi book. Weird huh? So this was a first for me.

Resistance is Futile is a very fast paced book, but the fact that it’s so odd and different made it a 4-star book for me. It’s a sci-fi, romance and action book, crammed into 380 pages. It’s the fast pace that lets it down. Whilst I was reading it, the dialogue was like watching a tennis match. It was moving from character to character so quickly that I couldn’t keep up and I had to re-read some parts to make sure I knew what was going on and who had said what. It was quite off-putting to begin with, but I got used to it after a bit and managed to follow slightly easier.

“Everyone is alien. And even when you are in love with someone, even when you think you know them better than you know yourself; even when you think you know everything about them and them you, and you live in eachother’s souls. Even then you know nothing about them at all.”
– Jenny T. Colgan, Resistance is Futile

Another thing that let this book down was how suddenly Connie and Luke expressed their love for each other. One minute, they were working on the top-secret project together (yeah, they were flirting slightly) and then the next moment, they’re saying how much they love each other and end up kissing. What? I mean, I’ve heard of spontaneous relationships but this was crazy.

However, this book was extremely funny. There was one line in particular that literally made me laugh out loud – the neighbours must have thought I was crazy.

I also loved the characters and how they were portrayed by Colgan. There was such a mix of characters and each of them brought something different to the table. Arthur was American and bought a balance of humour and seriousness, Evelyn brought sophistication and a maternal figure, Ranjit brought youthful enthusiasm and Sé brought pure seriousness but complete trustworthiness.

The plot was so out-there and there was loads of twists and turns that were a complete shock to me and that ending?! Well, that’s a scene that I will never forget! It was brilliantly written and I had to read it twice to make sure that I had read it properly.

If you want a romance book with a sci-fi twist, then this book is for you. It was a brilliant read and I absolutely loved it apart from the fast-paced dialogue and the fast-paced relationship between Luke and Connie. I thoroughly recommend this book and give it a few months or so, I would love to read this book again!


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