Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto

Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto

I don’t know whether this was better or worse than the first installment in the Halo series: Halo. It was bad enough to get two stars anyway.

The first one had the theme of conquering those who try and come between true love, the second book – Hades – had the theme of darkness and trying to overthrow it, the third one… Well… I don’t even know what the theme was.

Bethany and Xavier have already pushed the boundaries of Heaven with their relationship. In this conclusion to the Halo trilogy, the two take their love to the next, forbidden, step: they marry.

At a time when they believe nothing will come between them again, they are faced with their most daunting challenge yet: the Sevens, a military order of angels designed to maintain balance in the universe. These soldiers won’t stop until their job is done – capture the wayward angel and send her home.

The thing that didn’t work with this book was that it was the third book, it came after Hades – which was the best book in the series. And if you follow a good book with a not-so-very-good book, then it’s going to look even worse. 

“That is when you need faith the most. Not when everything is going your way, not when you have much to be thankful for, but when there is darkness all around.”
– Alexandra Adornetto, Heaven

One of the parts that annoyed me the most about this book was when Beth and Xavier had to attend college to ‘blend in’. It was such a boring part of the book and it dragged for what seemed forever. Then, Heaven perked up a little bit when the Sevens were introduced. They are Heavens warriors and they are badass. They added a thrill of the chase as they are hunting down Bethany. 

Three-quarters of the way through, something happens to Gabriel which is very shocking and instead of that shocking element being carried on, Gabriel suddenly (trying not to spoil anything here) has a change of personality and it completely goes against his storyline. 

There are quite a few shocks in this story but they last for a very short time because Adornetto doesn’t cling on to those shocking elements that make the reader think ‘YES! SOMETHING GOOD IS FINALLY HAPPENING WITH THIS PLOT!’ Instead, she counteracts the shockingness with some soppy, stupid action that ends up ruining everything.

The Halo series had so potential to be an amazing series but with bad writing and annoying characters, this series just fell to the dirt for me. Throughout Heaven, there were so many good opportunities to finish off this series on a high, but it just flopped, which is a massive shame.

I won’t be reading this series again, it just put me in a massive reading slump.

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