Jessica Jones S1E9 AKA Sin Bin Review

Jessica Jones S1E9 AKA Sin Bin Review

This wasn’t as good as last week’s episode; which is surprising since it had all of the components needed to make a good episode. It had gore, manipulation and problems that are just messy and need to be sorted out.

The one thing that just still doesn’t make sense is Jeri Hogarth’s (Carrie-Anne Moss) part in all of this. The fact that her only point in this show is her divorce and how she calls on Jessica (Krysten Ritter) whenever she “needs” her to do something dirty. Of course, in this episode we see Hogarth tempted by Kilgrave’s (David Tennent) power – she wants to use his mind control to sort her divorce out – but as she’s so close to releasing Kilgrave, Jessica comes back and Hogarth has to act like nothing has happened. What is her point in all of this?


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Another scene that could have been better was the ending scene. Everything happened so fast. One moment Jones had found Kilgrave’s parents (which seemed way too easy) and the next minute everything is going wrong and Kilgrave forces his Mom to stab herself, tries to get his Dad to cut out his own heart, tries to get Trish to shoot herself (luckily she had ran out of bullets from shooting the hermetically sealed tank that Kilgrave was in), Kilgrave makes Detective Clemons force himself out of the handcuffs and stop Jessica from catching him.

Now. That was hard to write. So can you imagine watching all of that happen in a matter of a minute?It was crazy.


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One interesting thing that happened in this episode was seeing the character of Will Simpson (Wil Traval) transforming into his comic-book character: Nuke. The red, blue and white pills are introduced and in proper Nuke style, he loves the red pills (which increases his adrenaline). In the comics, Nuke has a second heart and takes the different coloured pills so that they can have different effects on his body. The blue pill brings him down from his adrenaline rush and the white one keeps his body balanced in between his missions, except Nuke doesn’t like taking the blue or white pills. Is this storyline line going to carry on throughout the rest of the show? Hopefully.

Watching Jones trap Kilgrave in the hermetically sealed room, fill it with water that she could use to electrocute him if he stepped out of line was good because we finally saw the hero win at something. Of course that didn’t last long.

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What wasn’t nice was the feeling of sympathy that we got for Kilgrave. Jessica had set up the videos of his parents experimenting on him in the back of his sealed room to torture him; you could see Kilgrave roll around on the floor covering his ears because it pained him to hear the videos and the voices of his parents. Whether this was supposed to make us feel sympathetic we don’t know. But it worked really well. We got to see another side to Kilgrave and a slightly different side to Jessica. It was a nice change.

There was a lot that could have been better with this episode, it was too fast-paced and the Hogarth storyline is boring now but now that Kilgrave is free again and Jones realises that she cannot be controlled by his mind-control, everything is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

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