Jessica Jones S1E8 AKA WWJD? Review

Jessica Jones S1E8 AKA WWJD? Review

This is the best episode of Jessica Jones so far. Nearly the whole of the seventh episode concentrates on Kilgrave (David Tennent) and Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) apart from showing a slice of Hogarth’s (Carrie-Anne Moss) drama with her ex-wife and Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) being the go-to-person whenever Jessica is in trouble. 

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What stands out the most in this episode is the chemistry between Ritter and Tennent. They have amazing on screen chemistry and it’s captivating. It doesn’t matter if Jones hates Kilgrave and can’t stand him being in the same house as her, but the back-and-forth dialogue between the characters is mesmerising.

We also see Kilgrave (sort of) change his psychopathic ways for Jones when we finally get to see what was on that yellow memory stick Kilgrave had Jones dig up the night she murdered Reeva. It was a memory stick filled with videos of when Kilgrave was a child and his parents were doing scientific experiments on him – mainly neurological. Was that a glimmer of sympathy that we saw on Jessica’s face?

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It’s also brilliant of Scott Reynolds – who wrote this episode – to let us as an audience start to explore Kilgrave’s past and what made him who is today; it was a fantastic addition to the show and even though it was inevitable for writers to at least show glimpses of his past, to add it into this episode was perfect.

Even though we knew that Jessica’s plan to hopefully balance out Kilgrave’s killings in the past – with him helping people for a change – wouldn’t work (he’s too much of a psychopath to change), it was nice to see Jones have a tiny bit of control of him for once. She got him to save four people’s lives.


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What is unclear at the moment is what her intention was during the episode. She wanted to help him be good, but then she injects him with sufentanil whilst they’re having dinner together. What does she have planned for him?

It was a good plot twist to end the episode on and to mirror that action by Jones with Kilgrave pre-conceived plan to give Will Simpson (Wil Traval) his bomb back (which is a live bomb) and kill Jessica’s neighbour, Elizabeth De Luca (Kathleen Doyl). The shot of her arm at the very end just lying on the pavement is what Netfflix teaming up with Marvel is all about. Adding gore and grittiness to the Marvel world like they did with Daredevil.

This is was an excellent episode and hopefully, the next 5 episodes will be just as good.

What did you think of Jessica Jones? Anything that you would like to see? Anything that you want the writers to change? Leave a comment below.

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