Jessica Jones S1E5 AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Review

Jessica Jones S1E5 AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Review

Yes, I am binge-watching this TV show, yes it’s hard to stop watching an episode after the other but I’m loyal to giving you the reviews on each episode.

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In episode four, we learnt that Malcolm (Eka Danville) was the one giving Kilgrave (David Tennent) the pictures of Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) so that he could get the drugs that Kilgrave was supplying him to keep him loyal. Jones and Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) learn that up until six months ago, Malcolm Ducasse was a functioning individual when drugs weren’t clouding his mind.

So Jessica Jones did what any human being would do. She follows Malcolm to where he meets Kilgrave and learns that he waits until Kilgrave controls a member of the public to tell Malcolm where to meet him. A different place every day at the same time. Like clockwork. After seeing Malcolm meet Kilgrave, she starts to plot her revenge alongside Walker and Officer Simpson (Wil Traval).


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Simpson has now become a recurring character. He was included in Jones’ and Trish’s abduction plan and since Simpson and Walker have now become an item, it’s safe to say that we will be seeing a lot more of him in future episodes. Did the show need to bring in a love interest to “save the damsel (Trish) in distress”? Maybe. Maybe not.

The plan to drug Kilgrave obviously doesn’t work. Why would it? It’s still early on. No superhero catches the villain that quick and easy.


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Now that Malcolm is of no use to Kilgrave, he no way of getting the drugs to feed his addiction. Luckily, Jessica is of help and gives Malcolm a choice. She puts the drugs in front of him and asks him to choose between helping her or carry on living in a drugged-up daze.

Kilgrave also gives Jones a choice. Now that he’s not getting his photos of Jessica from Malcolm, he needs to get them from somewhere to feed his obsession with her. So he asks Jones to send him one photo of herself a day. She agrees (for some reason).

It was brilliant to see more of Malcolm in this episode and to see some character development finally. We’ve only seen passing moments of him and he’s just Jessica Jones’ neighbour, but now there is some depth in his character and it’s very good for viewing pleasure.

Flashbacks into Jones’ past was one of the best things about episode five. We saw the moment that Jones saved Malcolm’s life from men mugging him, we saw the first time Kilgrave and Jessica first met and we saw how much Trish loved the idea that her best friend could be a superhero – it was adorable. Walker was thinking of superhero names for Jones and even showed her a potential costume that Jessica could wear. It was cute to see this different side of their friendship, they had no worries, no villain to worry about. It was a breath of fresh air to see them so care-free.

All in all, this was another good episode and the progress that Malcolm makes with his withdrawal symptoms will be interesting.

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