Jessica Jones S1E4 AKA 99 Friends Review

Jessica Jones S1E4 AKA 99 Friends Review

“AKA 99 Friends” is Jessica Jones focused. There are no Kilgrave appearances (apart from an eight-year-old girl taunting Jessica in the street) and it concentrates on fleshing out the characters already in the show.

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In episode four, Jones (Krysten Ritter) is reluctant to accept a new P.I case due to the last referral that she had, ended up with Hope Schlottman (Erin Moriarty) being controlled by Kilgrave (David Tennent) to shoot her parents. Officer Simpson (Will Traval) wants to make up for the pain he caused Trish “Patsy” Walker (Rachael Taylor) when he was mind-controlled to kill her, Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) sends people to Jessica who think they have been mind controlled by Kilgrave and Jones starts up a ‘support group’ for the ones she thinks have been under Kilgrave’s influence and Jessica searches for whoever has been following her on Kilgrave’s behalf and gets her answer.

One of the interesting things about this episode is Jones’ new client, Audrey Eastman (Jessica Hecht). We are made to think that Eastman was referred to Jones by Hogarth’s business partner due to Eastman thinking that her husband is cheating on her and she wants proof. When Jessica follows Eastman to an abandoned building, she sees her with headphones on, music up loud and shooting at mannequins. Jones dismisses it, thinking she’s getting ready to shoot her adulterous husband and convinces herself that Eastman isn’t under Kilgrave’s control.


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Instead what’s fascinating is the truth about Audrey Eastman.

Jessica follows Audrey’s husband to see if she can catch him cheating but instead finds out it was a trap and finds Audrey in bed with her husband. We find out that Audrey’s mother was killed during The Battle of New York and that she despises people with “gifts” and “abilities”.

This is brilliant. It’s brilliant how they’ve weaved in the story of The Battle of New York, but told it from a different perspective. Instead of everyone being grateful that New York was saved, we’re shown the grief-stricken side of it, the side where we’re told that people’s families died, innocent people and it adds another dimension to the character of Audrey Eastman.

But when Eastman shoots Jones in the arm, we’re then shown how strong Jones is. Yes, she bleeds but she pulls radiators from the walls and throws them near Eastman, again the show is adding dimension to the characters and it’s brilliant.


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The one uncertainty with this show is the relevance of Hogarth’s marriage. The character of Hogarth herself is interesting and mysterious, especially when she said to Jones that Kilgrave “could solve so many problems with his gift”. You start to wonder if she has a dark side to her as well.

But her marriage? Maybe it does have relevance in the upcoming episodes and that’s why the foundations are being built now, but hopefully, they’re not just filler scenes.

Another interesting character development is that of Officer Simpson. We saw him in episode three be mind controlled by Kilgrave to kill Walker – luckily Jones intervened – but throughout this episode, he’s trying to make up for his guilt by giving her a gun “for protection”. After Walker and Simpson are sat on opposite sides of her door talking, she invites him in and we see the beginning of a bond forming and for the chance for Simpson to be a recurring character on the show.

This episode was again, entertaining and well written. It was nice to have the concentration on Jones for nearly the whole episode. Kristen Ritter portrays the character perfectly. With her one-liner jokes, sarcasm, swearing and the fact that she drinks whisky and energy drinks to keep herself going; she’s not your average superhero. Which make her even this show even more enjoyable.

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