Jessica Jones S1E1 review

Jessica Jones S1E1 review

The amazing show of Marvel’s Jessica Jones is out and the first episode is brilliant. It’s safe to say that Marvel and Netflix go hand in hand with each other.

You may have never heard of the superhero Jessica Jones before. Jones (Krysten Ritter) is a private investigator who “takes pictures of people boning” for a living but very early in the show you get to see sneak peaks of her abilities and then BAM! She’s lifting the back end of a car up and threatening a guy with her “laser-beam eyes”.

What you may like about the first episode is that it doesn’t take the first ten or fifteen minutes explaining her past, you’re thrown right into the middle of her life and it works. It’s very effective.

Jones’ mini second flashbacks are what makes the episode haunting and gripping. You can tell that she’s been through hell from the way she acts disorientated when she recognises dark places from her first case that bring back memories.




The tantalising fear of meeting the villain – Kilgrave (David Tennent) – who controls people with his mind is what makes this episode as good as it is. And even though you don’t get to meet him in the first episode, you can tell the moment is just around the corner. As Jones thinks that she’s saved the day, a plot twist at the end is what sets Jones on her journey to take down Kilgrave.


Krysten Ritter’s (Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23, Breaking Bad) performance as Jones is brilliant. It’s as if she was made for this role. She brings comedy, seriousness and a “get shit done” attitude and it’s breathtaking.


This show is dark, it’s gripping but you know it’s going to be more violent than Daredevil and that makes me so excited to watch the rest of the show. Another brilliant show from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Netflix.

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