Are Superheroes Taking Over the World? (And not in a good way)

Are Superheroes Taking Over the World? (And not in a good way)

My Dad had grown up with the Marvel comics and occasionally the DC ones. My first film I saw at the cinema was ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ in 1999 so you can see where I get my love of the ‘nerd culture’ from.

I think the very first superhero movie I ever saw was when Tobey McGuire starred as Peter Parker in the 2002 film ‘Spider-Man’. I was 7. I then went on to watch the rest of the ‘Spider-Man’ films. They then re-made the ‘Spider-Man’ films, only this time using Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker – who I think makes a better Spiderman than Tobey McGuire – but now they’re re-making Spider-man AGAIN using Tom Holland. I decided I would branch out; so I started watching the ‘Batman’ franchise and loved every minute of it – which yet again, they are re-making (but I simply cannot wait til Batman v Superman)

It wasn’t until I got older that I realised actually how much money Marvel was making from all of these adaptations. Over the past few years, I have seen every single superhero film and TV show out there and I plan to watch the ones that are coming out over the next few years.

Will there ever be a time that Marvel and DC stop?

I spoke to a few people and some of them said that “[they wished] that Marvel would just stop making adaptations. I loved reading the comics, the first editions of the storyline. I don’t want to watch someone else’s version”.

And maybe that person was right. I used to read all of my Dads comics when I was younger, I just loved the drawings and I have to admit it was brilliant seeing the films made, to see which actors the directors would just to live out most people’s childhood. Sure, it’s nice to watch the stories you’ve read about so many times play out in front of your eyes. But isn’t that why people read? So that they can make scenarios up using their own imagination? Making their own interpretation of that world?

I don’t know… I’ll leave that opinion up to you.

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